Wake Up – Sylvia Tella

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  • Producer: Joe G
  • Time: 04.47
  • Type: Reggae, Reggae Vocals
Written and Sung by Sylvia Tella
Engineered and Produced by Joe G
Voiced, Recorded and Mixed by Joe G at Joe G's Music Studio
Arranged by Joe G And Bubblers
Mastered by Calvin Francis at Onocnuko Mastering
Video by Allison Mason
Publishing: Carlton 'Joe G' Josephs - Joe Gs Music Publishing
Sylvia Tella -Back2Da Future Ltd Publishing
Carlton 'Bubblers' Ogilvie Jack Russell Music Ltd
Copyright©2015-2021 Joe G's Music
Website: www.joegsmusic.com
Email: info@joegsmusic.com

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